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Milford Sound Weather

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Escape to a rainforest spectacular – where the annual rainfall is measured in metres, rather than millimetres. Whatever the weather, it is certain that you will leave feeling inspired after a visit to Milford Sound.

a large waterfall over a body of water with a mountain in the background

Famous for its steep cliff faces that come to life with thousands of gushing waterfalls when the rain falls over the fiord. There is a healthy debate over which setting is more beautiful – sunshine or rain.

As long as you come prepared with a raincoat and warm clothes, you will be sure to enjoy the show that nature puts on for you.

Temperatures can range from an average of 15 degrees C in summer and 6 degrees C in winter.

a man standing in front of Milford Sound

If you’re lucky, at times over the winter period, you can expect to arrive to a winter wonderland in Milford Sound. See Mitre Peak and the surrounding mountains blanketed in snow. It’s a magical sight to experience and creates a wonderful contrast of colours with the blues and greens that fill the fiord.

a snow covered mountain

In saying this, the road the Milford Sound can sometimes be closed due to the weather conditions. It is important to check the road status prior to your departure here: