Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Mitre Peak Cruises?
Our smaller boats provide an uncrowded unique experience in Milford Sound. Get closer to the waterfalls, almost touch the sides of the sound, and get an ‘up close and personal’ view of the wildlife. Our trip will take you out of the fiord and into the sea, as it plots its course to the major attractions on offer in the fiord.

What wildlife will we see?
The wildlife you may spot will depend on the time of year you visit and how friendly the wildlife are feeling on the day. You will see New Zealand fur seals lazing on the rocks, and if you’re lucky enough you might spot dolphins or the rare Fiordland Crested Penguin.

Is there food on board?
Complimentary tea and coffee is available throughout the duration of your cruise. While you are welcome to bring your own food and drink on board to enjoy throughout the cruise, we also have a pre-order Picnic Lunch option available to purchase prior to your departure. There are light snacks available to purchase on board.

What facilities are on board?
We have toilets located at the back of the boat on either side.

Is there anywhere to purchase food in Milford Sound?
Yes, the Blue Duck Café is located across from the main visitor car park. It hides behind the public toilet block and is a 10-minute walk from the Milford Sound Visitor Terminal.

What weather can I expect?
Milford Sound receives over 6.8 metres of rainfall each year and can experience many different seasons in a single day. Temperatures can range from an average of 6 degrees Celsius in winter and 15 degrees Celsius in summer. Your trip to Milford Sound will be unforgettable regardless of the weather on the day.

Does it matter if it’s raining?
It is a magical paradise when it does rain, as the cliff faces come to life with thousands of waterfalls. Come prepared with a raincoat and warm clothes and you will enjoy the show nature puts on for you.

Where does our cruise leave from?
All cruises depart from the Milford Sound Visitor Terminal located on State Highway 94, Milford Sound.

How long are the cruises on Milford Sound?
All of our cruises are 2 hours in duration. Please remember to check in at least 30 minutes prior to your departure.

How long is the drive from Queenstown to Milford Sound?
Please allow a minimum of 5 hours to drive from Queenstown to Milford Sound. However, there are a number of scenic viewpoints along the way and to make the most of your experience, it is well worth allowing extra time on top of this for you to stop and see them.

What happens if the roads are closed?
Due to the changeable nature of the conditions in Fiordland, the Milford Road can be closed at any time throughout the year. Should the roads close, we are happy to transfer you to another departure or refund the cost of your cruise depending on the circumstances. Please visit www.milfordroad.co.nz to check conditions report or contact us if you have any questions.